Asian Lottery Games

Asian lottery

Asian lottery games have become popular around the world. Some of the most popular lotteries are available online or offline, and offer a chance to win big.

China has a long history of lottery play. It has two national lottery programs. The biggest lottery game in Asia is Loto 7, which has draws every Friday at 19:00 local time. Another lottery game is the Hong Kong Mark Six, which is a favourite among residents of the city.

A man from southern China has won $30.6 million in a lottery. He bought 40 tickets for 80 yuan in Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region. His name is Li and he is known to be a “loyal fan” of the game.

The Chinese lottery is the country’s most popular. There are a number of prize options, including a non-jackpot payout of five million yuan. The jackpot cap is 10 million yuan.

In 2008, a man from Hubei province won 10 million yuan. However, he had a major debt, and was arrested for it. Four years later, he committed suicide.

Other lottery games available in Asia include the Double Color Ball, which has a unique jackpot structure. Players need to pick four numbers, and the prize depends on getting one or more of the first four numbers right.

Hong Kong’s Jockey Club has a lottery drawing every Thursday night. This lottery is very popular in Hong Kong and all of Mainland China. Residents of the city consider the game to be a part of their culture.