Asian Lottery

Asian lottery

Asia is a large region with a huge number of players who love to play the lotto. Many of the biggest Asian countries have a variety of top lottery games with exciting rules, game styles and jackpots. These games can be played both offline and online, so there is something for everyone to enjoy!

Hong Kong is a popular place for people to play the lottery. The Mark Six lotto game is very popular in the area, and residents of Hong Kong consider it a part of their culture.

China is also home to a number of lottery games. They’re a great way to test your luck and support charity in the process!

The Shuangseqiu lottery, for example, pays out 70 percent of its jackpot if you get all seven numbers right. Getting five correct reds and one blue is worth 3,000 yuan, four reds plus one blue is 200 yuan and three reds plus one blue will net you 10 yuan.

Another popular lottery is the Damacai 4D. This is a little different than most lotteries in that you pick four digits from 0000 to 9999 to create a single number. The pay table is a little more complicated than in other games, but this is a very popular lottery in the country.

Thailand has a long and rich history of running lottery games. They began in 1874, when King Chulalongkorn (Rama V) gave the Royal Bodyguard Department permission to run a European-style lotto.