Online Lottery Sites Help You Win the Asian Lottery Jackpot

Asian lottery

As the biggest and most populated continent in the world, it’s no surprise that Asia has many lotteries. Thanks to the best online lottery sites, you can now purchase tickets for Asian national lotteries right from your computer. And what’s more, you can do it legally!

A Chinese man who won the country’s third-largest lottery jackpot last week chose to keep his identity a secret. To maintain his anonymity, he wore a yellow cartoon bear costume to collect his prize money. He also donated a substantial portion of his winnings to charity. This isn’t the first time a lottery winner has gone to extreme lengths to protect their privacy.

In fact, it seems to be a trend in China. Last year, the country’s two state-run lotteries—the Sports Lottery and Welfare Lottery—earned more than half a billion dollars in ticket sales combined. That’s nearly as much as America’s various state lotteries earn annually, and it’s expected to overtake them this year.

Despite the success of these state-run lotteries, some people still prefer to play the games offered by private companies. One such game is the Hong Kong Mark Six, which was founded in 1975 and is now a popular lottery choice in Mainland China. It is similar to the United States Powerball, in that players select seven numbers from a pool of 43. In addition to the jackpot prize, players can also win consolation prizes for matching three or more of their selections.