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  • Interpreting Your Lottery Number

    The lottery number is a mysterious and sometimes confusing 32-digit code that identifies where you and your child fit in the admissions process. The Department of Education released the lottery number before submitting its list of admitted students to ensure more transparency. The number is not disclosed to everyone, though. Some applicants received more information […]

  • The Easiest Way to Start Sports Betting

    The easiest way to start sports betting is to place an over/under bet. It is the easiest way to bet on a game since sportsbooks are good at establishing over/under lines. However, the truth is that picking the winner of a game is much more complicated than predicting the total points a team will score. […]

  • State Lottery Laws

    State lotteries are legal in forty states and the District of Columbia, and the revenue generated by them supports various state and local government functions, including K-12 education. Most state lotteries use the profits to fund general funds, stadium authorities, and economic development, but a handful have also designated lottery revenues for general environmental activities. […]

  • How to Play the Online Lottery

    Playing the Online lottery can be a rewarding and lucrative pastime. Thousands of people from all over the world take part in the draws, and the jackpots can reach millions of dollars. However, finding a legitimate lottery site can be difficult. Some platforms are simply scams, and others make payout decisions based on strange criteria. […]

  • Lottery Betting Tips and Tricks

    Lottery betting involves buying a ticket and predicting whether a certain set of numbers will be drawn. Winning numbers almost always match those of the jackpot winner. It’s fun for lottery enthusiasts and can be done with a mobile device. In addition to real lottery tickets, lottery betting also involves buying an ‘entry’ and email […]

  • How to Play the Asian Lottery

    Many Asian lotteries follow a similar format to those found in the West. Players choose their numbers or let the random number generator choose them for them, then wait for the draw to find out if they won. Prizes range from small cash amounts to millions of dollars, and some of them have jackpots exceeding […]

  • Buy Lottery Tickets Online – The Odds Are Against You

    It is easy to be lured into buying the lottery, but the odds are stacked against the average person. The poor and less affluent alike are prone to overspend, but it is far from the norm. While lottery players often splurge on junk food, athletic shoes, and other consumer goods, they also play with moderation. […]

  • How to Choose a Lottery Number

    There are two ways to choose a Lottery number: by birth date or by a significant event. Some people choose numbers based on their birthdays or anniversaries. A similar method is to choose a Lottery number based on the address of a childhood home. Using a phone number also works. You can choose either a […]

  • Will Sports Betting Be Legalized in Your State?

    Although the state of Georgia is a stronghold for pro sports, proponents aren’t predicting a quick legalization of sports betting anytime soon. The state Senate voted to pass a framework for legal sports betting in 2021, but that doesn’t mean sports betting will be available in the state before then. Similarly, Kentucky has been talking […]

  • The Purpose of a State Lottery

    The state lottery is a form of gambling in which players can win a prize in return for something of less value. Typically, a state lottery offers a large cash prize in exchange for a dollar investment. The number of people who purchase tickets is far greater than the total amount of money paid out, […]